Requiescat: Jason Molina

I feel I knew Jason Molina well, though we didn’t spend an inordinate amount of time together.  Honestly, I don’t think he was that complicated.

He seemed guileless.  He came by his assets and afflictions honestly and wore them like a coat.  He had a pure artistic impulse.

As far as his problems are concerned, we all know people who walk this road.

It splits.  You can quit, or you can die.

By the time you get to the fork, you don’t always have control over which way you go.

A lot of us tried to help him navigate.  And he tried.  But he didn’t get around the corner.

I liked him a lot.  He was funny and generous and brutally smart.  He was enthusiastic.

He sang like a fucking bird.

Requiescat, JMo.

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