Midyett Premium Rub

Midyett Premium is the little company I started to make my meat rub.  That’s “rub” as a noun there.

You can buy the rub here.

Here is an article about the rub at Bon Appetit.

I have to say it’s a great beef rub, the best I’ve ever used.  Some people use it on other stuff and say it’s great on that stuff, too.  Me, I only use it on beef, but perhaps I have a limited imagination.



  1. Ian

    Hey Tim, cool site! I tried clicking the first link, to buy some delicious sounding rub but it took me to the same article on bon appetite. Just lettin’ ya know.


  2. admin

    No man, I messed that up. It’s fixed now. Basically, I’m only taking orders via email, b/c I’m not set up to sell too much of it right now. Feel free to go to midyettpremium.com and send me an inquiry through there!

  3. Anita Midyett

    Hi Tim, my brother and I are 2 very isolated Midyett ‘s from the Tennessee clan living halfway across the world in Perth Western Australia. I would dearly love to order a couple of bottles of your rub to surprise him for his birthday in October. I realize that it is available from Midyett Premium how ever that just doesn’t feel as authentic as purchasing from you. Is this possible please. With great hopes, Anita Midyett

    • admin

      Hi Anita! Yes, I can ship to Australia. Have done it before! Shipping for two jars is a lot, of course–$35. So the total is 2 x $14 for the jars plus $35 shipping equals $63. But you’d have Rub then, so that’d be real good. You can order by using PayPal to info at midyettpremium dot com. You can send further questions to that email address as well. And the Rub site is http://www.midyettpremium.com if that matters. I won’t sign off with “g’day” because that probably gets irritating when non-Aussies do that. Thanks!

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