Midyett Premium Rub

Midyett Premium is the little company I started to make my meat rub.  That’s “rub” as a noun there.

You can buy the rub here.

Here is an article about the rub at Bon Appetit.

I have to say it’s a great beef rub, the best I’ve ever used.  Some people use it on other stuff and say it’s great on that stuff, too.  Me, I only use it on beef, but perhaps I have a limited imagination.



  1. Ian

    Hey Tim, cool site! I tried clicking the first link, to buy some delicious sounding rub but it took me to the same article on bon appetite. Just lettin’ ya know.


  2. admin

    No man, I messed that up. It’s fixed now. Basically, I’m only taking orders via email, b/c I’m not set up to sell too much of it right now. Feel free to go to midyettpremium.com and send me an inquiry through there!

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