Stuff I Like

Stuff and things.¬† We all have them, and there is a supply of stuff and things out there of which we are ignorant–inevitably, for the supply of stuff and things nearly is infinite.

What kind of stuff do I like?

Sunspel Riviera polo shirts. They are nice. They’re super light mesh cotton, but not mesh like “hey I’m wearing a mesh shirt.” I’m not going to link to them because they’re expensive and you’ll think shit that’s a lot of money for a mesh cotton polo shirt. I get them on sale. So Google ’em up if you want. Still like these Psycho Bunny polo shirts but I do not wear them as much.

Electrical Guitar Company guitars. The finest production guitars in the world. Indestructible. Marvelous sound. Kevin Burkett is a great guy and a terrific guitar maker. He makes the bodies, necks, pickups, and much of the peripheral hardware himself. Full-range sound, dynamic response. It’s like they are alive.

M&S Meats¬†jerky. Straight from Rollins, MT. My favorite jerky. I can’t figure it out. I make jerky myself, and I like my jerky a lot, but I can’t do this. Beef, buffalo, elk. Even their teriyaki jerky is great. Order some!

Darn Tough socks. They’re real good. I used to buy SmartWool socks, but I think they sold the company and the qual went downhill (see also Clarks shoes and approx 1 bajillion other companies affected adversely by venture capital, mergers, whatever). I believe I get the standard black with light cushion. They’re definitely black, I know that much.

Counter Culture coffee. I had it in New Orleans a few years ago and immediately bought two bags. We have a dang subscription, I like it so much. Got Hologram for a bit, but the blueberry note bugged my wife, so now we drink Forty-Six, which I like just as much. It’s a darker roast, not in fashion right now but I grew on 80s/90s coffee so it’s what I like.

Uniqlo underwear. Dudes…seriously, here’s where to get underwear. Some of the Uniqlo stuff is on the Target/H&M side of eh, but some is good (got a great, simple raincoat there) and the men’s underwear is very good and super cheap.



  1. Skewer

    I couldn’t agree with you more about your opinions regarding socks. The last couple years I’ve been getting holes in my SmartWools right above my heel though. I started mixing my SmartWools with another brand called Darn Tough. They are all made right in Vermont. The best thing is they have a lifetime warranty! They are about the same price too.

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