Stuff I Like

Stuff and things.  We all have them, and there is a supply of stuff and things out there of which we are ignorant–inevitably, for the supply of stuff and things nearly is infinite.

What kind of stuff do I like?

Psycho Bunny polo shirts. They’re not fit for young women like a lot of other “cool” brands, and they’re not cut for going-to-seed jocks like most mainstream brands. They fit nice. Pretty light cotton, not jersey but nice and soft while still being durable. I have maybe a dozen of them.

Electrical Guitar Company guitars. The finest production guitars in the world. Indestructible. Marvelous sound. Kevin Burkett is a great guy and a terrific guitar maker. He makes the bodies, necks, pickups, and much of the peripheral hardware himself. Full-range sound, dynamic response. It’s like they are alive.

M&S Meats jerky. Straight from Rollins, MT. My favorite jerky. I can’t figure it out. I make jerky myself, and I like my jerky a lot, but I can’t do this. Beef, buffalo, elk. Even their teriyaki jerky is great. Order some!

SmartWool socks. They keep your feet dry and warm, and they wear pretty well. Wash them inside out so they don’t pill up on the outside.

Metropolis Redline Espresso Blend.  There’s a lot going on in this rich, deep coffee.  I won’t bother to describe it further; I’ll end up sounding even more ridiculous than usual.  My friend Ben Crowell gave me a pound of Redline and insisted I tell him what I thought of it.  I tried it and switched over instantly from years of drinking Intelligentsia Black Cat, which also is a pretty good roast.  Just not this good.



  1. Skewer

    I couldn’t agree with you more about your opinions regarding socks. The last couple years I’ve been getting holes in my SmartWools right above my heel though. I started mixing my SmartWools with another brand called Darn Tough. They are all made right in Vermont. The best thing is they have a lifetime warranty! They are about the same price too.

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